Welcome to Copeo

In 2024, Copeo emerged from a need observed among users of other dating apps. Many users were using these platforms not only for dating but also to meet new people along with their friends and organise group plans for fun and socialising.

Recognising this trend, Copeo was created to fill that gap and provide an experience dedicated to group creation, connecting with others, and planning fun and social activities. Our mission is to facilitate authentic connections and offer a platform where fun is the main focus.

"Connect and Have Fun"


With the mission of creating connections, new friendships, and lots of fun

It is focused on users aged 18 to 30 (Generation Z)

Copeo was born in Spain with the aim of becoming popular in major cities

So, what is Copeo?

Copeo is a mobile app that involves swiping up while viewing group profiles until you match with a group. From that moment, you can chat and join their plan or have them join yours.

To be clearer,

"it's the Tinder for groups"

You can create your profile for free, add your own images, include hashtags that identify you, earn Copazos and Winks, as well as create a group with your friends or join one.

Once you're in your friends' group, you can start creating your group plans. Groups you've matched with can join your Coplan, or you can join the Coplans of others.

The group creator will need to be the creative one, as they will have the important responsibility of choosing your group’s name. Let's not forget about introducing the group through the description.

Creativity in Copeo is a fundamental pillar for connecting with and enjoying getting to know other groups, and for everyone to enjoy new experiences together.

copeoapp profile
copeoapp profile
copeoapp profile
copeoapp profile

Follow our steps

Every week, Copeo takes another step towards its goals. Here you can see where we currently stand and what our next steps will be through our roadmap

Q1. Research and Planning

  • Mission: Market Study, Competitor Analysis, Requirement Definition

  • Milestone: Requirements Defined

Q2. Design

  • Mission: UI/UX Design, Interactive Prototypes

  • Milestone: Prototype Approved

Q3. Development

  • Mission: Front-end Development, Back-end Development, API Integration

  • Milestone: Basic Functionality Completed

Q4. Testing

  • Mission: Unit Testing, Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing

  • Milestone: Testing Passed

Q5. Launch

  • Mission: Launch Preparation, Marketing and Promotion, App Store Deployment

  • Milestone: Application Launched

Q6. Improvements

  • Mission: Bug Fixes, Improvements, and New Features

  • Milestone: Regular Updates

copeoapp roadmap
copeoapp roadmap