Follow our steps

Every week, Copeo takes another step towards its goals. Here you can see where we currently stand and what our next steps will be through our roadmap

Q1. Research and Planning

  • Mission: Market Study, Competitor Analysis, Requirement Definition

  • Milestone: Requirements Defined

Q2. Design

  • Mission: UI/UX Design, Interactive Prototypes

  • Milestone: Prototype Approved

Q3. Development

  • Mission: Front-end Development, Back-end Development, API Integration

  • Milestone: Basic Functionality Completed

Q4. Testing

  • Mission: Unit Testing, Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing

  • Milestone: Testing Passed

Q5. Launch

  • Mission: Launch Preparation, Marketing and Promotion, App Store Deployment

  • Milestone: Application Launched

Q6. Improvements

  • Mission: Bug Fixes, Improvements, and New Features

  • Milestone: Regular Updates